Solana NFTs Soar: Trade Counts & Volume Up 125%, SOL Price Up 10%

• Solana’s [SOL] NFT ecosystem has seen a surge in total number of buyers and sellers as well as trade counts and sales volume.
• Multiple new collections have been launched on the platform, which could fuel further growth.
• SOL’s market capitalization has also recovered sharply due to bullish market sentiment.

Solana’s Booming NFT Scene

Solana [SOL]’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem has seen considerable growth over the past week, with an increase in both trade counts and sales volumes. The native token’s price chart also turned green, showing that the bulls are firmly in control of the market.

Surge In Trade Counts & Sales Volume

Data from CRYPTOSLAM revealed that more than 125% more buyers were active in the last seven days compared to before, while the number of sellers increased by 81%. This resulted in a 36% spike in total transactions and a 5% increase in sales volume for Solana NFTs. Santiment’s chart also pointed out similar growth patterns for these key metrics.

New Collections Launch On Platform

Solana Daily posted a tweet highlighting some of the newly launched collections on Solana, such as Portals, Solstead & Citizens, Enviro, Botborgs, Heavenland_io and Sovanadao among others. These collections can help draw even more users to use Solana NFTs and drive up demand for SOL tokens accordingly.

Bullish Market Sentiment & Price Action

The positive developments surrounding SOL have translated into bullish market sentiment for SOL tokens as well. According to CoinMarketCap , SOL’s price went up by 10% and 4% over the last seven days and 24 hours respectively at press time, trading at $16.75 with a market capitalization of $6.6 billion dollars . Active wallet counts have also gone up according to Dune Analytics data – another indication of growing interest towards SOL NFTs from potential investors or collectors looking to get involved in this vibrant scene on Solana blockchain network .


All these factors point towards continued growth for Solana’s flourishing NFT space going forward with newer collections launching regularly on its blockchain network – something which will likely keep driving prices higher across all platforms featuring SOL tokens or related products like NFT artworks or collectibles .