? Shibarium Mainnet Launch: Last Countdown to Unlock SHIB’s Potential!

• Shibarium Mainnet is set to launch soon on Shiba Inu’s Layer Two blockchain.
• On-chain data has shown an increase in SHIB network growth, active addresses, and open interest.
• Social volume has remained uninspired despite the traction SHIB had.

Shibarium Mainnet Set to Launch

Shibarium Mainnet is set to launch soon on Shiba Inu’s Layer Two blockchain after months of anticipation. NOWNodes, one of the development teams involved in the project, recently disclosed that the Mainnet was already in its third phase of the Shibarium Roadmap.

On-Chain Data Shows Increase

On-chain data showed that SHIB’s network growth had increased to 5,365 at press time. This metric measures the number of new addresses interacting with a network and indicates an increase in adoption when it rises. Additionally, SHIB’s 24-hour active addresses have also increased to 10,500 indicating higher participation in successful transactions via the Shiba Inu network.

Open Interest Grows

Open interest for SHIB has also grown significantly since its update from Shibarium’s development team. Open interest refers to the total number of outstanding derivative contracts that have not been settled or closed yet and can be seen as a sign of traction for a certain cryptocurrency token or asset.

Social Volume Remains Uninspired

Despite the traction SHIB had gained from increasing open interest and active addresses, social volume remained uninspired at 38 according to Santiment. Social volume shows the amount of discussion happening around a certain cryptocurrency token or asset and usually increases with rising prices or growing adoption rates among users.

Final Countdown Begins

The final countdown before Shibarium’s mainnet launch has begun which means users can expect more usage of SHIB as it continues to grow in popularity prior its release date on July 22nd 2023.