Blur V2: Lower Fees, More Possibilities for the NFT Market

• Blur V2 is an innovative NFT marketplace that has launched with two features: a 50% reduction in gas fees and trait bidding.
• OpenSea had long been the dominant player in the NFT marketplaces, but Blur posed a formidable challenge with its unique features.
• As of this writing, OpenSea has more users and sales, but Blur has seen greater transaction volumes.

What is Blur V2?

Blur V2 is a decentralized platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that recently announced its launch of Version 2. This update includes two notable features such as reducing gas fees by up to 50% and introducing trait bidding. Additionally, selected collections offer the chance to earn valuable trait bidding points.

How does it compare to OpenSea?

Prior to Blur’s arrival, OpenSea had been the dominant player in the NFT marketplaces. However, Blur’s entrance with its unique features created a formidable challenge for OpenSea as it gained traction over time. According to Dune Analytics, while OpenSea still maintains a higher user count and sales count than Blur, Blur has seen greater transaction volumes.

What are some benefits of using Blur V2?

The main benefit of using this platform is that users can enjoy substantial savings on their purchases due to reduced gas fees – potentially up to $16 per NFT purchase – as well as being able to bid on mids, rares or any desired traits instead of only being able to bid on collections. Furthermore, certain collections offer users the chance to earn valuable trait bidding points which can be beneficial when trading digital assets like NFTs.

Will this be enough for Blur V2 to take over from OpenSea?

While it’s too early to determine if this will be enough for them to overtake their competition just yet, all signs point towards an exciting future for both platforms as they continue striving towards success and further adoption of blockchain technology in the digital asset industry.


All things considered, the launch of version 2 brings promising prospects for both casual traders and experienced investors alike looking forward into investing into digital assets like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The improvements made by Bloom have certainly made waves within the industry and will no doubt have an impact on how we view blockchain technology moving forwards.