Be a Master Trader and Earn Rewards with Blofin’s Copy Trading Platform

• Blofin is launching a copy trading program for cryptocurrency futures trading that offers an equal, transparent, and highly effective trading experience.
• Master traders can earn rewards and receive 10% carry on profits shared by copiers while followers can synchronize with traders’ futures trading without the need to constantly monitor the market.
• The program also offers users the potential to increase their income through both copy trading and affiliate commissions.

Blofin Launches Copy Trading Program

Blofin, a cryptocurrency futures trading exchange, has announced its launch of a copy trading program – an exciting and profitable way to get into cryptocurrency futures trading later this month. The platform designed to offer all users an equal, transparent, and highly effective trading experience is now inviting skilled futures traders to join its pioneering program.

Become A Master Trader Before Launch

Those who are ready to become trailblazers in the world of cryptocurrency can sign up now as master traders before the official launch by filling out a simple form provided by Blofin. KOLs and experienced traders are highly encouraged to become master traders as they will be able to open public positions for others to copy on the Blofin platform. As long as these positions are profitable, master traders can earn rewards and receive 10% carry on profits shared by copiers – providing them with an excellent opportunity to maximize their returns from the platform.

Double Your Income Through The Affiliate Program

The Blofin Affiliate Program also provides users with an opportunity to double their income – offering them up 50% of the commission rebate when they bring in new users. This reward system incentivizes user efforts while allowing them to maximize their earning potential through referring more trades through their skilled ability as marketers or influencers.

Followers Benefit From Reduced Risk Experiences

The copy trading program also provides beginners with a great opportunity – allowing them follow elite traders without having constantly monitor markets themselves. By setting parameters for how much money they want invest or trade at once, followers can reduce risk while still profiting from successful trades made by more experienced peers. In addition, data such ROI and drawdown help followers make informed decisions when selecting which trader they want follow or copy from in order maximize their return on investment (ROI).


Overall, the Blofin copy trading platform offers a user-friendly and reliable way for both experienced traders and beginners alike profit from crypto currency futures contracts through reduced risk experiences enabled by setting parameters for how much money invest or trade at once along with access generous trial funds for master trader as well as affiliate commissions for those who refer new users .